Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lara Nelson ~The Power Within 2005

I found these glass beads in the yard not long after my son was taken to Ecuador.  They were his glass beads and got inspired to take some art shots.  These were lonely, sad and desperate days, but I found hope throughout it all.  This was a good day during a hard time.

I did another version of this that I put up on DeviantArt called "Reaching Out" then I painted it with smudge in Photoshop in some artsy way.

This shot, if I remember correctly (i have the original psd file amongst my 1000's of shots I've collected on my external drives) was only slightly post processed in PhotoShop, by cropping out and putting on a black layer.

All else is a candle, my fist, lighting from a window, the beads and my fist.

I found this today by accident. A second one of my external drives appears to be not working (pc wont recognize it, powers up, but does not show a drive letter).  I had a mini meltdown, cried it out for hours, while trying different usb, power cords, even shaking the damn thing.  I know sounds nuts but what I went through to protect the last vestiges of my son's and my past, documentation on his kidnapping, memories, my writings, work, portfolio, College stuff... and on and on ad infinitum, was a daunting task.

Photographs & memories seem to be what's been the most important things for me to collect, but would lose so much with the constant moving around throughout my life.

Back to the this piece "The Power Within".  Because of the insanity of BS I was going through during my son's abduction, I stopped uploading to DeviantArt and missed this one.  I am loading it first to my blog now, then I will add it later to DeviantArt.

Thank you for checking it out... Peace
Lara Nelson
10/18/2012 ~10:00 pm (pst)
(IDK why i put all that above, but I did)


  1. Beautiful higher level of awesomeness.

  2. My first real comment:)))) TY Peace, light and all the good stuff that follows!

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