~My Poems Yesterday & Today~

~Written in 2007 ~Updated today 11/14/2014

The Lord Jesus has always been there for me.  Thank You Lord!

These were painful days....

~Hear Me~

I speak to You from my heart,
though my heart is fragile from pain.
I cry to you from my soul,
though my soul is drenched in rain.

Although the light is dim today,
I meditate with you.
I fight the darkness and the pain,
Because I know Your true.

So lonely I was meant to be,
to concentrate on you.
Give days of hope, please set me free,
Lord save me from this doom.

Forever my focus is to be,
on You and nothing else.
Lord stay with me and
teach me to feel goodness in myself.

I do not care for riches,
or to live my life in vain,
It's just there's something missing,
to relieve me from this pain.

I feel You trying to tell me,
something I need to know,
What some have tried to show me,
and I just let it go.

Your Love's not for sale,
from other's I did not buy.
or give my soul away,
and give into deaths goodbye

Please help me Lord,
I cry to you.
So alone I am today.
Please open the door,
I'd die for You,
Hear these words I pray.

These are the words of suffering,
but hope's in every line.
Dear Lord you are all loving,
Please don't leave my side.

Each passing day I go through,
Every moment in my mind,
There is a place for only you,
With every mountain I must climb.

I know that You Lord hear me,
You are all loving and truly kind.
I will pray to you forever,
and Lift Your Name on High.

Thank You Lord for Loving me.

Lara G. Moss