Sunday, May 17, 2015


A beautiful heart that breathes today, colors of joy, will not fade.
A homeless anger, that fueled the fight, will fall and perish, before the night.
A love that's strong and picks us up, is forever love that fills your cup.

The shadow follows behind the cat. Hidden alleys and virused rats.
She waits to pounce, for she's at play...
Her warmth and softness meet the day.

It's in the oven, savory salt.  A tinge of sweetness, no one at falt.
Crossed broken bridges, to feel warmth in light,
To become the better, stand and fight.

Yourself, is you, nowhere to hide.
your silent truth, It is your life.
Your shadow will not go away,
embrace it's cover, your soul be made.

At times we know the lines are crossed,
we spoke too much and over thunk a thought.
So now stands still, the words of green,
What comes next, what does it mean?


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