Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Flight

In Flight

I could have said no, or just pushed away slow.
Now time for my choices to feed my life's growth.
Don't know what comes next, don't have to invest,
but to go with the flow and give of my best.

I could have gently backed away and gone on as before.
So much was learned, but I want to learn more.
I live to respect, accept and let go.
And i'll continue to learn what I need to know.

I've enjoyed this life for what it is, it's Rocky roads and Banana Splits.
Each day that comes now is fantastically new.
The sun is much brighter.  The skies are more blue.
New friendships are made and family acquired.
Surrounded by those whom I truly admire.

My wings did mend.
I now can soar.
My life's in flight.
It's my dance floor.

~LGN 7-29-15 (updated 1-30-15)

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