Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm slipping away into madness.
Lonely steps, pacing eights, back and forth, 
don't be late.
my dreams have lost their magic.

Thirsty eyes, burned with lies,
truth she rarely see's
Digging deeper, deeper down inside.
There’s an ocean inside, there is
Her mind is wasting, her actions faking,
Her heart's drying to just dust.
Painted on a face of flatness,
pale skin that lacks its lust.

Her fingers touch her rusting cheek,
in the mirror, this is what she see's.
Her hollowed eyes, on bending knee's.
A beautiful summer, who lost her Spring.

Lara Nelson (Rainseed)  *wrote in 2007, revised today 6-6-11  ~Peace and Light~

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