Monday, June 6, 2011

A choice for her to listen 2007 revised.

he is more vast than the sky,
and the love he gives is much.
Not there before her naked eyes,
yet close enough to touch

What spreads the light upon ones day,
and cast the dark upon another?
What brightens the path that leads the way,
yet blocks it for the other?

he answers in his subtle manner,
With not a word spoken,
But all she hears is the shatter,
From all the past years broken.

Again he speaks, without a word,
for proof he need not give.
To listen is a choice for her,
such as her will to live.

To listen she gives all her strength,
To hear him she may not,
But, she’ll hold on to him with faith,
To make worth the battle fought.

“Are you there?”, she speaks aloud,
“Is this the mouth you gave me?”
Once more he speaks without a sound,
She screams, “please God, will you save me?”

Though she may never know,
if those words he'd ever heard.
He need not ever show,
or speak another word.

In her heart she feels it,
the warmth she felt was his.,
Now she knows, no need to listen,
for he's speaking from within.

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