Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Family Tree (Written in 2007) Michael David Nelson, RIP

RIP Michael David Nelson (my brother) I wrote this in 2009. 

I was living in "hospital housing". It was my own place and where I needed to be at the time. I received a phone call that he passed. Tears were difficult, because i was load

ed on Psychotropic drugs, heavy ones, so much so, that I would forget what year, day, time or if life was real or a dream. I am not on any of that anymore.

I was medicated because of a series of breakdowns when my son was abducted August 18th 2005. My life had been on "hold" until we finally reunited. Still in a bad situation, Kevin and I finally got to a "safehouse" and are on our way to a safe and happy life. These were dark days.

I was starting to connect with Michael not but weeks or a month before. He told me many things, we cried, he apologized for so many things, we both did. We were kids, grown up, trying to make sense of the chaos that it was and was turning into. Peace and understanding, love and truth. What constitutes a family..... I am still learning.

Dark are her roots,
Deep buried pain.
The family tree,
blooms insane.

Her brothers passing,
one leaf fell.
Left blackened blossoms
of a personal hell.

Tortured was his soul at night.
He took the pills to stop the fight.
An accident, they say could be,
but this is not a thought for me.

He wrestled demons from deep inside,
till monsters surfaced and would not hide.

His leaves held on for 46 years.
His blossoms at times were bright.
Holding back acidic tears,
but then gave up the fight.

She too blossoms from this haunted tree.
She too fights the demons.
She too holds back the tears.
She knows what he was feeling.

Dark are her roots,
soon rain will fall,
and nourish this tree,
once and for all.

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