Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Off the Cuff...9-25-2012

The day is dark,
the clouds are gray.
The 'Sound of Silence",
begins to play.

She dreams in private,
for few do know,
what's inside,
and will not show.

Too many pieces,
all broken and far apart.
Too many holes to fill a broken heart.
Too many places, too fast and moved too soon,
With each new dynamic, she's viewed more as a loon.

But, the day may rain,
This soothes the pain,
into daydreams she falls.
Her smile is in school today,
he's on his path and on his way.

She dreams of paving the cracks in the roads,
She'll pick up the pieces,
fix, mend and sew,
Mixing and fixing the pain in our souls,
Broken, but better,
for now we both know.
But, he's still a child,
there's much room to grow,
She hopes truly he see's
what she's trying to show.
And he's always shown her,
that love is enough,
that can't be replaced by tales
and a bunch of old stuff.

This kid is so sweet and kind in all this,
it's taught her something more.
He does not care about those "things"
that haunted her before,
He love's to see her laugh and sing,
and this he wants much more.

The rain will come, and may stay dark,
As with the sun it fills her heart.
We've battled, hurt, but come this far,
after the rain, may come the stars.

~LGN 9/25/12 (will edit and re-edit till it makes sense to me)

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