Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting through the nights~ Memories of then.....

Though she moves tirelessly towards the light,
the darkest eyes of madness haunts her.
She feels unsteady at this height,
his words of sadness haunts her.

Despair leaks from her thinning lips,
“don’t follow me”, she cries.
She feels the passing of time, that shifts,
then wipes her tear stained eyes.

Angeled over the edge,
Far below, he's calling her.
The lying words behind her, nag,
“One step, one step, go further”.

No, no! she cries aloud,
for she may fall too deep.
She wont listen, for she has found,
She’s better fit to sleep.

The dreams they come, so quick and clear,
Every hour she wakes in sweat with fear.
Nobody's here, his words come again,
"one step, one step and you'll soon be with him.

She begs soon she'll sleep, She'd rather fight monsters,
then listening to madness and it's crap that it offers.
"stop talking to me, your not even there,
your pushing too hard and your stripping me bare,
you want me to fall, you don't even care,
so, shut the hell up and get out here."

Her eyes close again, in an hour she'll wake,
start battling voices, she know must be fake.
She'll fight till she's weak and pass out again.
to wake in an hour and do it again.

~About 11th street house 2007, updated 9/9/2012  LGN~

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